Future College Athlete offers all this and more to all high school student athletes in every sport.


Our  college counseling is sport specific. We specialize in the recruiting  process. People that have never been through the recruiting process  before often find that they are either overwhelmed or waited too long to  start and missed out on some potentially life changing opportunities.  Can you navigate through this process on your own? Maybe. The problem is  you only get one shot. Our college counselor is an expert in this field  and understands both sides of the process having been a recruited  athlete and collegiate coach.

Through  Future College Athlete counseling you will receive the most current  information. We are constantly in touch with coaches from around the  country helping to better serve our clients. Our counselors' experience  will be a huge asset in ensuring that our clients have done everything  to allow themselves as many options as possible.

Educating and guiding our clients and their parents through the process is our goal. 

We help you understand NCAA and NAIA rules (which are always changing)

We work with you to understand exactly what it is you are looking for out of your college experience and educate you on how different schools and programs may or may not meet your expectations

We create a game plan and ensure you stick with the timelines your counselor sets for you

We educate you about the timelines coaches use and how this may affect you (this differs based on division of the school and by sport)

We counsel you on how you can gain maximum exposure

We help you create initial and follow-up emails to coaches

We help you create a resume and tell you what you should and should not include

We help you put together your recruiting video (we do not film or edit, but will tell you what coaches are looking for).

We can help you do research on programs (what type of athletic aid is available? Who is graduating that the program will be looking to replace? etc.)

We give you advice to help you minimize costs 

We talk you through tough situations and teach you how to better communicate with coaches.

We offer in-person 1 on 1 counseling, and counseling via phone and Skype.

Future  College Athlete Individual college counseling offers 3 different  packages to choose from so that clients can choose what fits their needs  best.

Find out more by contacting us 949-510-3596

College Bound Student Athlete Nights


CBSA  Nights are an excellent way for student athletes and their parents to  spend an evening being educated about the process and the journey that  leads to playing college sports. We at Future College Athlete call it a  journey because this process takes time. The earlier you start your  journey and understand what's ahead, the better prepared you will be.  CBSA Nights will walk you through how to build your college athletic  list, creating athletic resumes, writing initial emails, calling vs.  emailing coaches and when which is appropriate, various ways to gain  exposure, how to ask for and get unofficial visits, timelines to work  under and how they differ based off gender and sport, SAT/ACT test  taking, and much more. These nights have been called "invaluable" by  many parents, Athletic Director's, and Club Presidents. 



Regardless  of whether you are a division 1, 2, 3, or Junior College level player,  you need to be educated. Sign up for 8 hours of valuable insight into  college admissions and college athletics from the experts. Listen to  current and former college coaches explain to you the timelines  different sports and divisions operate under. Learn about NCAA, NAIA,  and Junior College rules and how they may affect you. Get educated on  what coaches are looking for in your resume, emails you write to them,  and recruiting videos. Listen to guest speakers talk about admissions,  SAT's, ACT's, scholarships, academic support, strength and conditioning,  and more.

"This is a workshop, if you are a student athlete, you won't want to miss" Marisa Kresge University of Maryland, soccer

Hosting  a Workshop is a great opportunity for schools or clubs to fundraise! If  your school or club would like to host a workshop Future College  Athlete will give back 25% for workshops of 20+ and 15% for workshops of  15+